Create a community that honors personal dignity, embraces diversity and promotes full inclusion for persons with disabilities.



 COMPASS COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS envisions a community where personal dignity is honored, diversity is embraced and full inclusion for persons with disabilities is promoted in all aspects of life.



 COMPASS COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS accepts people for who they are. We promote self-advocacy and encourage self-efficacy in all endeavors of everyday life.




Volunteering with us is a unique experience and each volunteer must be willing to believe in these statements and desire to help us live them out. We will show you how! If you desire to be on our team, we guarantee that your life will be blessed more than you can ever give us in return. Here’s some ways you can get involved: Ongoing volunteer opportunities:

  1. Serve on our Board of Directors –we currently have a couple of vacancies. Someone familiar with human resources would be very helpful.
  2. Help us develop a new Agency Auxiliary – we are forced more & more to think about fundraising & events to accomplish all that we desire & need to do. This is NEW –help us figure it out! We have been doing some mini fundraisers such as a salad sale for our annual senior beach trip.
  3. Be a Mentor /Special Friend - Again, a new idea but greatly needed. We all need friends or pals to hang out with once in a while. 
  4. Sports & Hobby enthusiasts – We need help with & are looking to expand on our current t-ball & Challenger little league team & our bowling programs. Other new things include a basketball program, hunting, fishing, hiking, kayaking & other outdoors hobby clubs.
  5. Night Club/Teen Club/ Adult Recreation/After school programs– help us run one of our monthly/weekly events. Usually involves 2-3 hours depending on the group.
  6. Musicians/Artists – share your talents for one of our events or help us with a “Glee Club” or “Band”
  7. Respite/Childcare for parents –Our parents don't really get breaks from the attending to the specialized needs of their children. Help us give them an evening out or time to do their grocery shopping alone some evening, perhaps a Friday or Saturday night one time per month.
  8. Family-focused Fun Nights – once a quarter or more often as resources allow we’d like to offer some family activities such as a Movie Night, Dance night, Karaoke, Talent Show, Game night.
  9. Scout leaders – We need ongoing help with our Venture Club, including the Klondike Derby or a camping experience.
  10. Fleet management/Grounds Crew/Landscaping volunteers – Detailing vehicles on a regular basis, inventory & clean our equipment in our loan program.


Compass Community Connections
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Toll Free: 1-866-870-0608
Phone: 1-717-248-6261